• I can’t imagine a life without the sea, I guess because I grew so close to the coast, spending the summers with my mother and my grandfathers following me while I was looking for octopus and sea snails on the rocks, when I was not even 5 years old.

    Marcel Cabrera Salvat, 21 de Noviembre de 1983


I have always felt fascinated by the ocean, I think that staying inland it’s a big mistake because you are missing this “blue planet” where we all live. As nature, outdoors and photography lover, my formation has also been coherent, having a degree in Environmental Sciences at the UAB, and later, a CFGS of Photography at EADT.


Currently, I spend my time traveling to various destinations around the world with my customers, guiding them to the fish of their dreams. After the experience earned along all these years, each trip it’s still as exciting as the first. There are some feelings in the sea that make me feel at home, it’s where my roots are.


I’m an extreme Fishing & Spearfishing Guide, and my job is to promote the best trips around the world, always offering the best quality and compromise. I will, simply, bring you the best destinations that I personally know, that offer you all the guarantees and adapt best to your desires, providing expert coaching to make you catch that “one in a life-time” fish, that sometimes can be so elusive and challenging. I know where & when to find them, and how to get you on them!


Beside guiding, I will provide also, as a Professional Media Producer, complete audiovisual coverage of all your experience, capturing amazing high quality content that will last a lifetime. My gear allows me to film from the sky, under and outside the water, with the best quality, so forget about the videos & fotos, I will be there to capture every moment.

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